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Taylor Handwerk

Instructor at Bertil Roos Racing School
Instructor at Apex Driving Events

2016 SCCA Majors Tour Northeast Conference Champion
2015 SCCA Majors Tour 3rd Place Northeast Conference

2014 BMWCCA Club Racing, SE36 Class, National Champion
2014 BMWCCA Endurance Series, E3 Class, National Champion
2014 BMWCCA Club Racing Rookie of the Year

Taylor began his racing career later in life than your typical driver. He always had a fascination with fast cars but didn't start racing until 2014. His road to racing began with 2 seasons of carting then he began participating in High Performance Driving Events (HPDEs) with his street car. After 4 seasons of HPDEs he began his GT racing career in BMWCCA Club Racing.